Added in the early 1980’s, windsurfing is the perfect wind-powered complement to Tamakwa’s sailing program. It has proved to be a very popular program year after year. Many skilled Tamakwa windsurf staff have grown up through the ranks as Tamakwa campers, learning their skills for years until they were old enough to teach them to a new generation of campers.

The windsurfing program sends out dozens of surfers each day on boards ranging from stable, larger beginner boards to smaller, narrower expert boards. A motorized safety boat is always on the water to provide important instruction and to ensure any problems on the water are cared for immediately.

Tamakwa’s windsurf awards are named after the levels of wind found on South Tea Lake. We call them Force 1, 2, 3, etc. A beginner camper would get their Force 1 by being able to steer a small-sail windsurfer around a buoy and back whereas an advanced windsurfer would attain their Force 4 or Force 5 by showing a high level of competence managing a large-sail windsurfer in high winds and performing numerous expert windsurfing maneuvers.