It has been a long-standing philosophy that every camper should get in the water every day at Tamakwa, and usually most are in the water numerous times on a daily basis. While opportunities for supervised free swim are endless at camp, Tamakwa prides itself on a strong instructional swim program at the swim dock.

Tamakwa’s swim dock is one of the busiest and most exciting places in camp. Each camp section is assigned to a period of well-supervised instructional swim every day. Campers are taught the Red Cross Swim Kids Program for the majority of each period but still have plenty of free time to just enjoy being in the lake and around the swim docks for the remainder of their time at swimming. Whether campers are building sand castles on the beach, playing waterpolo or Ga-Ga, doing a water aerobics class, jumping off the tower, or bouncing on the water trampoline, Tamakwa campers love to bask in the sun.

Another Tamakwa tradition is the Treasure Island Swim. Treasure Island is one of three islands about a half-mile from camp’s shores and campers are able to swim to the islands during designated times with the appropriate supervision, as long as they have successfully completed the prerequisite 40 laps at the swim dock. Advanced swimmers attempt to swim 100 laps as the prerequisite for the Highway Swim, a swim that is almost twice the distance to Treasure Island.

Competitive swimming is also part of the program with intra-camp swim meets during special camp-wide theme day programs as well as during intercamp competitions throughout the summer.