There are countless articles on the web that list the importance of summer camps for kids!

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What if you are not a kid? What can camp teach us?


We believe that being a staff member at Tamakwa is not only a fun and healthy way to spend your summer, but its incredibly valuable for your personal and professional development. Here is why: At camp, you will learn;


As camp staff, weather you are a camp counsellor, canoe tripper or even our office staff you are a role model to the campers of Tamakwa. Each and every day camp staff’s leadership skills are put to use! From wake up to bed time and everywhere in between. Starting with our CIT program the age of 16 Tamakwans are taught multiple leadership styles and are given ample opportunity to put their skills to work. These opportunities are hard to come by in any other working environment at an entry level. By spending the summer working at summer camp, you will find yourself ahead of your peers when it comes to the ability to lead a group


In your adult life, specifically in many professional careers, you will be asked about your ability to be a team player. As camp staff, every minute of our day relays on team work. From sharing the bathroom when we brush our teeth in the morning, to working as a team to steer the sailboat, to portaging on trip, Camp staff are excellent team players.


People travel from all over the world to spend time in Algonquin park. Not only will you have a blast at camp, you will be getting paid to live in the park for the summer! You have your entire adult like to sit at a desk and work in a a cubicle. Take this opportunity to GET PAID to PLAY OUTSIDE!!! Need we say more? We haven’t even mentioned the countless articles about the importance of taking time to unplug and reconnect with nature.

4) FUN

Camp is fun. You should come!

Still need more? Perhaps reading this article from the New York times will help.


Nothing can summarize the importance of camp staff more then the following quote:


But the clinching argument came from my daughter’s impassioned defense of camp counselors, and her outrage that someone glancing at resumés would believe that a 20-year-old who fetches coffee at Google is more impressive than one who spends days and nights nurturing, teaching, organizing, comforting and inspiring.”

“What I do there matters,” she insisted. In several conversations, she told us about helping a camper cope with her mother’s debilitating depression and comforting others whose parents were fighting or separating, about aiding 11- and 12-year-olds who were coming to terms with their sexuality, battling anorexia, confronting body fear. She talked about the many hours devoted to water-skiing lessons, about instilling the confidence needed by awkward, gawky, painfully self-conscious 8- and 9-year-olds to stay prone in the water, hold on to the rope, then rise up and stay on their feet as the boat pulled away. “What’s more important than that?” she asked. “


Clearly the staff at Tamakwa feel the same way. Below you will find just a few quotes from our incredible Tamakwa staff:


I grew mentally stronger (rain on trip definitely puts life into perspective), and I feel that I am more confident after spending a summer amidst the welcoming people at camp.
– Zoe Kaufman

Tamakwa is a special place. I have only been a part of this community for two summers, however the shores have become like home and the people like family. As I sit here on this murky october evening, with ominous exams and essays to write, the thought of going round the bend couldn’t be more inviting. Working at Tamakwa is a privilege. It’s a chance to escape the responsibilities and expectations of university and the real world. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with kids and embrace the wilderness. Tamakwa is a place where people admire me when I make pancakes and can properly set up a tent. It’s where I am seen as a hero when I am fearless of bugs and can give a motivational speech on a tough portage. Camp Tamakwa has changed my life and I can only hope that I am changing lives there in return.
– Maggie Webster

The past summer helped me grow as a person in that I definitely learned the extreme importance of organization and communication. I think I really improved at time management , and think this is definitely a skill which will be essential especially now starting university! It was also the first time I was technically living away from home for an extended length of time! So really the past summer helped me become far more independent and not rely on my parents to run ideas past and get advice from all the time! I also grew as a person in the sense that I have gained a greater level of self confidence, not only in that I came to camp knowing nobody, and leaving with some amazing friends, but also in that I took on a job that I now see I may not have been 100% prepared for, and to my knowledge, did a good job in!
– Sarah Bowie