For over 80 years, Tamakwa has had 7, 8 and 9 year old campers. The youngest boys section is called Foresters and the youngest girls are Trailblazers. These two sections comprise the Junior Tamakwan (JT) Program, which officially began in 1983. At that time we introduced, among many other new programs for our youngest campers, a 2-week introductory session for our first time Tamakwans with the option to stay for weeks 3-4 of the session. The primary goal of this program was and continues to be, to make sure our youngest campers’ first overnight camp experience is profoundly positive and fun.

Over the years the JT program has evolved into a program that integrates our 7 to 9 year old campers into the regular camp routine while addressing their specific needs. The JTs need extra attention in various areas, yet are also fully capable of participating in all of camp’s activities and programs. Finding a balance between these needs is what has made our JT program successful.

The typical JT is one who:

  • enjoys being active and involved
  • likes being independent in a supervised setting
  • is excited to learn and try new things
  • has a short attention span
  • is learning self control
  • needs structure and consistency
  • has a strong sense of right and wrong

Of course there are many other qualities inherent in our young campers that are taken into account when planning programs and caring for this group of campers.

Our commitment to insure a positive and successful experience for each JT is reflected in the fact that each activity at camp has an award level specifically geared to younger campers’ physical abilities thereby assuring success at the beginning levels and often beyond. Success is emphasized in areas other than regular activities as well. We strive to integrate the young campers into camp while tailoring camp to their abilities.

The counseling staff for these campers is comprised of individuals who seek to work with this age group and are trained to meet their specific needs.

Their counselors:

  • are comfortable with and enjoy working with young children
  • provide a balance of structure and independence within the cabin group
  • are aware of cabin dynamics
  • are not embarrassed to be silly with their campers
  • closely monitor safety, health and hygiene
  • are good role models
  • are upbeat, positive and creative

The JT program has come a long way since its inception. It now offers a wonderful balance between our camp wide program, special programming, and counseling for young children. Each year we discover and add new and varied activities for the JTs and know that it continues to evolve as a premier program for 7-9 year old children.

We hope to meet your highest expectations in providing your children a fun, healthy, unique camp experience.

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