Rising out of the forest, Camp Tamakwa is a “children’s village” — where campers live and play in a safe, creative, nurturing habitat — and where they are encouraged to do what they do best….be themselves.

Founded in 1936 by naturalist Lou Handler and celebrated canoeist Omer Stringer, Tamakwa is summer home to 250-300 boys and girls — ages 7 to 16 — and over 130 staff.

One of the most unique features of Tamakwa is the geographical diversity of our campers and staff.  For over 80 years Tamakwa has been providing campers from Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Florida, Mexico, Spain, England, Australia, France, Seoul and all over the world, a chance to develop important life skills, build self confidence, foster lifelong friendships, embrace traditional camping values and return home with an enriched outlook, that there is life and fun without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

Tamakwa is in Algonquin Provincial Park — the jewel of Canadian parks — where the call of a loon or a foraging moose are part of daily life. 3,000 square miles of pristine forest and 2,000 crystal clear lakes make Algonquin a world renown camping paradise and the perfect setting for Tamakwa’s program of canoe tripping, water sports, land sports, creative arts & many other activities.

At Tamakwa we gently encourage campers to step outside their comfort zone and try new activities.  This positive encouragement allows campers to achieve new milestones daily and return home with an incredible sense of accomplishment.  In addition, our small, intimate camp size allows for a tight camper to staff ratio where campers feel supported and welcomed in every aspect of daily camp life.

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