So many alumni, so many memories… after an incredibly magical weekend at camp and a spirited and schmooze-filled banquet in Michigan, our 75th anniversary celebrations have come and gone.  Because of so many of you, both events were huge hits and will long be remembered as wonderful Tamakwa memories.  We thank each and every one of you who came to celebrate with us.

There are plenty of pictures documenting these two events.

We have posted numerous pictures in the photos section of our official Camp Tamakwa Facebook page and on our NEW custom-made Camp Tamakwa Shutterfly page.

For Shutterfly, Click Here for pictures from the Camp Weekend (September 24-26, 2010), Click Here for pictures from the Michigan Banquet (October 23, 2010), and Click Here for the pictures taken at the Michigan Banquet Photo Booth.

The following videos which you can easily scroll through include a 75th anniversary video compilataion as well as various mini-videos from the Michigan Banquet:




    We have heard from so many of you about how wonderful it was to be back at camp or just to reconnect with so many people from summers’ past.  We would love to hear more from those  in attendance at either event about why you felt it was so important for you to be there and what made the events so rewarding.

    The Michigan event was filled with schmoozing, reconnecting, sing songs, a rockin’ Tamakwa Band, and lots of spontaneity from our very spirited alumni.  While we loved every last schmooze, our planned evening program was slightly modified and we decided not to deliver any prepared speeches.  We would still like to share (shortened) versions of them with those of you interested.  Click Here for Vic’s edited speech and Click Here for Craig’s edited speech.

    In case some of you missed some incredible press Tamakwa received during the time of the 75th Anniversary events… Click Here to read the incredible cover story from the Detroit Jewish News from October 14th and Click Here to read a wonderful article from Toronto’s National Post from October 23rd.  Many thanks to Robert Sarner for authoring both pieces.