Tamakwa’s colourful fleet of kayaks is always easily seen on the lake. Campers of all ages enjoy learning the basics of how to paddle a kayak and once comfortable, they are taught many great advanced skills and tricks. Kayak races and games are also a big part of the program and campers can work on attaining various award levels. Advanced kayakers have the opportunity to participate in overnight kayak trips of 2 or 3 days in length.

The kayak program also helps prepare our Junior Tamakwans for their JT Triathlon event which includes a short swim, a kayak, and then a run around the main camp area culminating with crossing the finish line in front of the rest of camp cheering them on.

Kayaking is an up-and-coming sport around the world and having Olympian and Tamakwa friend Adam van Koeverden as a nearby neighbour in Algonquin Park is great for campers to see an expert paddler, learn more about the world of kayaking and what it means to be an Olympic athlete competing for your country.