One of the greatest experiences a camper has is his/her first nibble off a fishing rod and then hauling their first fish out of the water. South Tea Lake offers plentiful small mouth bass and sunfish. At any given time, a dozen rods can be spotted at the dock’s edge with lines in the water, eagerly awaiting the next big catch.

The newly constructed fishing barge ensures that campers have access to all parts of the lake where an experienced Fish Director will teach them all the tips and tricks they need to know. Whoever makes the big catch that day is usually found strutting around camp with the “Fish Shtick”, a hand-carved wood walking stick, just another one of Tamakwa’s “shticks”, of course.

Avid fishermen also have the opportunity to go on a fishing overnight trip of 2-3 days in length, usually paired off with our Kayak activity.