We are THRILLED to bring Family Camp back for another year.  We are planning another action-packed few days and below you will find many of the details for this amazing opportunity to be at Tamakwa as a family.  We look forward to welcoming you !


Tamakwa Family Camp will be an unbelievable weekend of fun with those you love most in the place we love most.  This is the perfect opportunity for parents to be campers for the first time or to relive camper days of years past as part of a cabin group with other families creating meaningful friendships and lasting memories together.  The schedule will include a fantastic mix of camper-oriented, parent-oriented and family-oriented activities. Other highlights will of course include spirited sing songs, evening programs, wonderful food, a Tamakwa-classic medley marathon relay race, music, lots of laughs and non-stop campfires.  This will be an event in beautiful Algonquin Park you won’t want to miss.


Family Camp is the perfect end to your summer and will allow you to connect with your family and friends and enjoy an incredible time together just before another school year begins.  For those with young kids, this is also a perfect opportunity to prepare your soon-to-be-campers for their first experience at residential summer camp.  It will also help parents understand how incredible camp is and how much fun their kids will have in a safe and nurturing environment like Camp Tamakwa in Algonquin Park.


Friday, August 31 through Sunday, September 2, 2018
(Click Here for a Weekend Schedule of Events)


It’s for any family, including past, present & future campers, staff, alumni, families and friends who love the great outdoors to come enjoy an incredible few days at Camp Tamakwa.  At least one adult camper and one youth camper from each family must attend.


Really ??   Camp Tamakwa, Algonquin Park, Canada… of course… about 2.5 hours north of Toronto.  Algonquin Park is a Canadian national treasure where people travel from all around the world to enjoy its unique wilderness setting.  (Click Here for directions)


ADULT CAMPERS (16+) – $250 (plus 13% HST)

YOUTH CAMPERS (4-15) – $150 (plus 13% HST)

3 AND UNDER – no charge

*rates are in Canadian Dollars but USD checks/cash will be accepted

**EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of $25 for each family member will be applied for registrations before June 1, 2018

***the online registration process will allow payment to be made online


Housing – All families must be prepared to share our camper cabins with other families in true summer camp fashion.  As always, cabin mate requests are welcome!

Camp Staff – Access to activities, equipment, and assistance from our staff will be provided to help offer instruction and ensure the safety of our Family Camp campers.  In addition to regular activities, special events, tournaments and challenges will also be organized. Whether you decide to take part in all the amazing adventurous activities or choose to bask in the sunshine and relax, you are sure to have a wonderful time and enjoy being in beautiful Algonquin Park.  Babysitting (a.k.a. Night Duty) may be available for a period of time each night for campers 5+.  Any alumni or parents interested in assisting as staff for all or part of Family Camp should contact us right away. Group led activity suggestions are also welcome.

Kids/Supervision – Family Camp isn’t just for kids, but of course kids hold a very special place in our hearts.  There will be plenty of activities geared towards kids but we encourage families to take advantage of the opportunity of enjoying camp together. Parents must supervise their kids throughout Family Camp but there will be special programming geared for kids when they can be left with our amazing staff during the day.  Children under 5 must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Food – Chef Guy (camp’s fantastic chef for over 20 years) will continue to provide amazing, nutritious and delicious meals throughout Family Camp.  Meals will include incredible homemade baked goods, vegetarian options and a great salad bar.  Drinks, snacks, and fruit will always be available in the Dining hall throughout the day/night.  Please be sure to inform us of any food allergies/intolerances or health issues in your family you feel we should be aware of well before arriving at camp.  As always, Chef Guy and his staff will do their best to satisfy all special dietary needs, however for certain intolerances we may suggest bringing some of your own food.  Please be aware Camp Tamakwa is a “nut safe” facility with no known nuts or nut products allowed in camp.  Please help us by not bringing any nuts or nut products with you to camp.

Weather – We always expect the unexpected in Algonquin Park, but typical weather at the beginning of September includes beautiful sunny golden days and clear cool nights. (Click Here for a current 3-day forecast for Algonquin Park)

Packing List – You should bring a warm jacket for night-time campfires and star-gazing. We always have to be ready for some liquid sunshine too, so be sure to bring a rain coat.  (Click Here for a suggested Packing List)

Technology – While we strictly adhere to our no technology policy at camp, we understand your need to stay connected to other family members back home.  PLEASE keep all cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. inside your cabins only.  We do not have internet access for your devices.  Please tell family members at home they are able to call the main camp office (705-633-5561) with any emergencies or important messages.  Computers will be available in the Staff Rec Lounge for checking emails, etc.

Medical – Adult campers are responsible for administering medication for themselves and their children.  Medications should be kept securely in your cabins but may also be given to us to keep in the clinic for you upon your arrival.  We will possibly have one of our camp nurses available for the weekend and emergency services are readily available as always.  Further health history information may be gathered closer to Family Camp but feel free to share any important medical information with us during the registration process.

Other Information:

  • Parking permits do not need to be purchased from the park gate but please be sure to get one from our staff when you arrive at our camp landing.
  • You might see chipmunks and squirrels or maybe beavers and moose, but please no pets.
  • Please check your family for head lice well before Family Camp. We have a great relationship with Nitwits in Toronto and the Lice Sisters in Michigan.
  • Food in your cabins might lead to unwanted friends… mice, chipmunks, etc… we promise to feed everyone very well !
  • Family Camp is a smoke-free environment, except for the Butt Hut.  Please respect this policy as we respect both the environment and the kids around camp.
  • Golf Carts, Tractors, and Power boats are off-limits for Family Camp attendees.
  • Please report any maintenance problems to any Tamakwa staff or at the office.
  • Please obey all camp rules, particularly at activities around the waterfront and regarding swimming.
  • If you hear a siren of any kind, please kindly head swiftly to the main Swim Dock area and await further instructions.
  • If anyone in your family will be celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasions during Family Camp, please let us know in advance.

CLICK HERE to register online

Please feel free to email howhow@tamakwa.com or call 416-924-7433 or 248-335-6400 with any questions.

We’re very excited to see all of you on the shores of South Tea !


CLICK HERE for a recent year’s Family Camp Slideshow