First Session: June 26 to July 22

Second Session: July 23 to August 17

Second Session 2-Week JTs (*): July 23 to August 6
(*) for campers currently in grades 1-3

Tamakwa Sessions for 2019
Camp Fees
Pre-Payment Discounted Fees (4%)*

Junior Tamakwans (grades 1-3)
First Session - 4 weeks
Second Session - 2 weeks
Second Session - 4 weeks
6 weeks
Full Summer
Campers (grades 4-9)
First Session
Second Session
6 weeks (grades 4-5)
Full Summer
CITs (Counselors-In-Training)
Full Summer

(*) if paid in full by October 12, 2018 for returning families and December 31, 2018 for first-time Tamakwa families


NOTE: Camp Fees do not include transportation, laundry, and applicable taxes.

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Our Camper Referral Discount Program
Tamakwa has a Camper Referral Discount in place for families who refer new families who attend the upcoming summer for the first time.  The discount is 5% of the new family’s pre-tax Camp Fees and will be applied at summer’s end.  Click Here for more information regarding our Camper Referral Discount.

Our Family Discount Program
Tamakwa has always been a camp with strong family values and an intimate feeling.  As a thank you to our families, our Family Discount program is available to families with 3 or more campers/CITs attending camp.  They will enjoy a discount of 5% on Camp Fees.  An additional 10% discount will be applied for those who attend only our second session.  All discounts will be manually applied once applications are received.

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