First Session: June 27 to July 23

Second Session: July 24 to August 18

Second Session 2-Week JTs (*): July 24 to August 7
(*) for campers currently in grades 1-3

Tamakwa Sessions for 2018
Camp Fees
Pre-Payment Discounted Fees (4%)*

Junior Tamakwans (grades 1-3)
First Session - 4 weeks
Second Session - 2 weeks
Second Session - 4 weeks
6 weeks
Full Summer
Campers (grades 4-9)
First Session
Second Session
6 weeks (grades 4-5)
Full Summer
CITs (Counselors-In-Training)
Full Summer

(*) if paid in full by October 18, 2017 for returning families and December 31, 2017 for first-time Tamakwa families


NOTE: Camp Fees do not include transportation, laundry, and applicable taxes.

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Our Camper Referral Discount Program
Tamakwa has a Camper Referral Discount in place for families who refer new families who attend the upcoming summer for the first time.  The discount is 5% of the new family’s pre-tax Camp Fees and will be applied at summer’s end.  Click Here for more information regarding our Camper Referral Discount.

Our Family Discount Program
Tamakwa has always been a camp with strong family values and an intimate feeling.  As a thank you to our families, our Family Discount program is available to families with 3 or more campers/CITs attending camp.  They will enjoy a discount of 5% on Camp Fees.  An additional 10% discount will be applied for those who attend only our second session.  All discounts will be manually applied once applications are received.

A Note Regarding August Session and Early School Start Dates
For campers residing in areas where schools begin before the completion of Tamakwa’s August session (August 18, 2018), we are continuing to offer 3-week and 7-week options. These options are only available for campers who must return home early for the opening of school in August. Departure day for both of these options is Saturday, August 11, 2018.
If your camper’s school commences prior to August 18, 2018 and you are interested in a shorter 3-week or 7-week option please contact us directly as these sessions are not available online.  We will then determine availability and help you apply for one of these shorter session options.  Click Here for more about our 3-week and 7-week options.

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